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Monday, September 22, 2014
Providing Immediate Cash For Your Personal Injury SettlementsObtain a Free Consultation

Need a settlement loan for a personal injury settlement?

Have a pending lawsuit suit and need a cash advance settlement?

If you have been injured in any way by the negligent acts of another and you have hired a lawyer to represent you, then you qualify for a settlement loan. A settlement loan or lawsuit loan is not actually a loan but rather a cash advance against any proceeds that may be received from the pending litigation.

Settlement loans are an excellent way for individuals to obtain a portion of their potential future settlement money, today. If you have hired a lawyer then you qualify to have our team examine your case for consideration for a settlement loan.

It is true that deep pocketed insurance companies make you wait as long as they can in hopes that you will become desperate and accept a lower than fair settlement offer. There is no doubt that financial strength has a lot of influence in our legal system which is why Settlement-Loan.com is leveling the playing field for you.

Benefits of Settlement Loans

You pay no upfront fees and owe nothing until your case settles.

If your case is lost then you keep the lawsuit settlement advance for free.

No credit checks, no income verifications and no asset evaluations.

No monthly payments or pre-determined time when the advance must be repaid.

Avoid taking the original settlement offer and wait for the full value in the case.

Use settlement loans for immediate and necessary living expenses, medical bills, mortgage payments or even case costs.

Bridge the gap from your accident date to your settlement date if you are experiencing a financial hardship.

Settlement-Loan.com is dedicated to providing funding to you if you have been injured through the negligence of others prior to settlement. Settlement loans enable you to meet your urgent financial obligations. Thus, allowing extended time to maximize the anticipated settlement and not settle prematurely.

You can apply for funding regardless of your credit, income or employment verification. Our funds can be used for immediate and necessary living expenses, medical bills, mortgage payments or even case costs. A decision will be made within 24-48 hours after receiving your complete applications.

For more infomation on settlement loans, click here or fill out this quick application.

General Information
Amount Requested:  $
Client Information
Date Of Accident:   /   / 
Home Phone:  xxx-xxx-xxxx
Work Phone: 
Date Of Birth:   /   / 
Social Security Number:  xxx-xx-xxxx
(If Auto) Number of People in Host Vehicle: 
(If Auto) Client a passenger or a driver?:  Passenger Driver
By when do you need the cash?:   /   / 
What do you need the money for?: 
Criminal Record Admissible In Evidence?:  Yes No
Alcohol/Drugs Admissible As Evidence?:  Yes No
Are You Paying Child Support?:  Yes No
Attorney Name: 
Firm Name: 
Details of Case:  Auto Premise Accident Malpractice Commercial Other
Extent Of Injury's (Physical / Financial): 
Cost To Date: 
Medical:  $  Future $
Lost Client Income:  $  Future $
Have any settlement offers (verbal / written) been made::  $
Liens Filed To Date
Lien 1:   /   / 
Lien 2:   /   / 
Lien 3:   /   / 
Has The Client Had The Following?
Surgery:  Yes No
Preexisting Conditions:  Yes No
Previous Injuries:  Yes No
Previous WC Claims:  Yes No
Has Client Returned To Work? Yes No
If So, When:  /   / 

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